Asia Match houses dedicated units for each production process. The key to a successful product is latest machinery and technology. Thus, we have different units for different operations.

We have individual units for packing, pasting, dipping, lamination, trimming and scoring. The working of each unit is carried out under the guidance of experienced craftsmen who overlook the entire process until the finished product has been made. They ensure a smooth manufacturing process. The manufacturing of safety matches involves tremendous amount of labour work.

Apart from this, our factory also comprises of equipment’s like inner pasting machine, slide screening machine, punching machine, wax wire drawing machine and wax frame filling machine.

It is because of our advanced production facility that we can meet the demands of our clients within a stipulated time frame.

Our manufacturing unit is managed by a team of professionals who have the required expertise in the field on safety match production. At our factory, we have allotted one team for each production process. This ensures a smooth manufacturing process and also hastens the same.

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